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Please read before posting

30 Sep 2011
@ 05:56 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Quite often, I have International readers ask me where they can find an outfitter that can provide NZ Deer or Thar hunts, especially in the South Island, at affordable rates. Unfortunately, a majority of NZ outfitter rates are simply way beyond what most international and local hunters can afford. Yet this is where the demand is.

If you are a working mans guide, or you know of someone who is and can verify their good service, please put forwards a post. I don't see this as conflicting with our own guiding services, especially now that a majority of our hunts are focused on long range hunting / sniping for pigs.

Thanks, Nathan.


08 Oct 2011
@ 05:29 am (GMT)


2012 Apr ~ Jun South Is Hunt
Hello All.

I am planning a trip from Canada to NZ in 2012 sometime between March and June. I am shopping for a Thar / Chamois hunt. I would prefer a classic back pack hunt or day hunting from a lodge for 5 to 7 days.

If you have hunted with an Outfitter you were pleased with, or are an Outfitter that has a hunt available I would appreciate hearing from you.

Nathan, thanks for the opportunity of this request page on your site and everything else!

Aj Faulkner
[email protected]
19 Jun 2012
@ 07:01 pm (GMT)

Joseph Peter

Re: Please read before posting
Hi there
my uncle owns such a guiding buisness that targets free range Chamois and Tahr hunts on private and public land. Please see his website Currently he is not taking any hunts due to other commitments. But I have helped him guide in the past and would be all to happy to help/guide you on a hunt. Please email me @ [email protected] if you are interested and we can hopefully arrange something.
Thanks Joseph
20 Jun 2012
@ 04:13 pm (GMT)


Re: Please read before posting
Joseph, thanks so much for the post of your uncles site, unfortunately we have already returned from our trip but I will say that NZ was amazing and I hope to return many times more. That being said I will defiantly keep your uncles outfit in mind. Again thanks, I will drop you a email! Aj.


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