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How much would you pay ?

04 Jan 2020
@ 10:06 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Hey Gents. I always look at this section and it never has a lot of posts. Why?
I know a place where you can find a nice eating Red or Fellow Deer. Where you could bring your boat and launch just down the road for a spot of fishing....
If you could drive out into the country, Or fly in and land on the farm airstrip. Stay in a nice big country home with amazing views! Walk or drive a few minutes and be hunting. The wife and children could come and join in or go and do there own beach coastal walks . What would you be willing to pay? For Accommodation, Hunting, Fishing, or just relaxing and taking a few days off and getting away from the Rat Race?
I'm interested in your thoughts and opinions?


05 Jan 2020
@ 02:45 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: How much would you pay ?
Is there a market for lower priced hunting?
05 Jan 2020
@ 09:17 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: How much would you pay ?
Well, Warwick, we used to do a lot of guided hunts. At least one a year. Sometimes they were great, other years, not so much. But I did get to see a lot of deep, backwoods country that probably hadn't been seen in a long, long, time.

Looking back now, they were far from lower priced hunting, but at the time, the cost was not a factor. It usually ran us about $100/day, plus tips. (That should give you an idea how long ago it was.) Today, for what is offered, I couldn't justify it. In your case, I think it would be do-able. The difference being that the amount of available game in your neck of the woods makes it a great proposition. We were very limited as to what species and how many we could take home. From what I read here, in NZ, it's pretty well an open season with good bag limits.

I would look at what you are offering and say that it would be a really nice vacation, with some exotic activities thrown in. To me, that is worth at least $200/day. If a licensed guide was required for the hunting/fishing aspects, then whatever that cost is would be an extra. Are there package deals? A weekly rate? A ten day hunt? We use to almost always book two week drop camps, in and out by horseback, no guide, just transportation to and from the hunting area. Today, I would book a fully guided hunt. Full-on pampered city slicker with a gun type of hunt.

Is there a market? You bet there is, but you have to have the edge over everyone else that is in on the game.

Just my .02.
24 Jan 2020
@ 05:11 pm (GMT)

Jon Short

Re: How much would you pay ?
They have their own websites but they are usually expensive. Some advertise on trademe.

The thing is that I do not want to be guided... I know what I am doing especially having learnt to hunt deer with a bow before ever picking up a rifle.

I have been hunting a spots where I pay $300 for accommodation & $100 per red deer(eater), but the guy kindly has kept his rates the same for 10 years as I am a regular. He pretty much leaves us to it these days but sometimes he will take someone for a wander usually someone new to hunting deer... which often results in a deer. He likes a group of 4 hunters which is hard to do some trips as guys are fkg unreliable I have found... This allows us 3 nights on the property so an evening hunt on the first night then a morning one following the last night. Basic hut with BBQ & gas califont shower. Basic quad or 4wd to pick up deer or get around where needed but prefres you bring your own. Love the place!

BUT... its really hard to find places like this & most charge alot more... the closest being atleast $500 for similar but with the likelihood of them wanting to guide you & probably less animals around.

I kinda help justify the cost that the meat I bring home if I had to pay for the same amount in beef would easily be worth the $400 prob more.

Fallow deer are much smaller with one red hind or spiker worth at least 2 mature fallow does. I was hunting a place where I was paying $100 for shearers quarters rough as accommodation & $150 a deer, so $400 all up for two fallow. Cheap accommodation but expensive per little fallow. This property was sold to bee keepers damn it who shot the shit out of an amazing property I believe to clear the flast for manuaka & tee tree oil harvesting... grrrrr.

I reckon $400 to go home with one red or two fallow is good value & fair (not guided). Say $500 for two reds or three fallow ... over a three night trip. Much more than that especially once you add travel costs into it to drive there & you begin to question the value of it.

I know plenty of tight arse Kiwi hunters with all the most expensive gear & bolt on everything that would balk at $400 even. Good! ... they can keep hunting public land along with all the others, 1080, night vision tossers & illegal spotlighting!





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