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Match Grade Rifle Bedding Compound

30 Jan 2015
@ 07:55 pm (GMT)

Mike Kush

Does anyone in North America (Canada would be best) have Nathan's, Match Grade Rifle Bedding Compound?

The product is $27, while the Shipping alone is $27 at any number of them.

So if you have it I'd like to buy it and save on the shipping cost, or if you want to order it too, we could do a 'bulk' order to split up the shipping costs.


08 Feb 2015
@ 07:39 pm (GMT)

Paul Neese

Re: Match Grade Rifle Bedding Compound
Are you kidding me? Come to a man's site and try to get people to buy the same products somewhere else! We all need to save money, but hav e some class, Dam!! Paul
09 Feb 2015
@ 12:27 am (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: Match Grade Rifle Bedding Compound
In Mike's defence, pooling purchases to reduce the postage is a good idea. And I'm not sure that buying someones unused kit - because they bought 2 as suggested and got it right the first time - is a shootable offence either. Either way Nathan still sold it... But the indignation will probably be appreciated Paul. Nothing like a loyal following!
09 Feb 2015
@ 05:01 am (GMT)

Paul Neese

Re: Match Grade Rifle Bedding Compound
If I misunderstood then please accept my appoligy. I thought that Mike was looking for someplace/someone in the US or Canada that had the same products for sale to save shipping. I too am guilty of the post not coming out to say what I wanted. Have a good one, Paul
09 Feb 2015
@ 06:59 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Match Grade Rifle Bedding Compound
Remember that you are getting the best bedding compound . Han Solo uses it and he showed Chewbacca how to get the laser rifle sub MOA. The number of head shot Stormtroopers he's claimed puts Hathcock to shame! $54 bucks to get it delivered to your door isn't a lot to ask ? It works and you get online video tutorials showing you how to use it. How many people are going to give you that kind of service? ??? Thanks for the years you have spent in development of such a great product Nathan and Steph. It's a steal at that price I think 2c🎯


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