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Re: n.z hunting tactics

05 Mar 2014
@ 05:03 am (GMT)

jason brown

I didn't know this thread was still going.... well to sum up my luck in the last while... I don't eat goats but iv had a few at a decent range which is my prefured hunting method, iv passed on one or two doe's with fawns.
iv got a couple of deer at a close range.
I always try long range first, its just what im into. but in the area most of this took place if im really hungry and just want meat (venison) I will stalk in the trees or at least close range around the edges.
and its not from lack of tops and clearings, its just my luck so far.
goats are different they just seem to be in the open more, or at least easier to find. I don't shoot anything I cant recover, not even a smelly old goat, I try to farm it if you like, even if others where I hunt don't. so that limits shots at long range too. I think long range is harder than I first thought it would be. it only takes a minute for a deer to take a few steps in a small clearing and be lost in the trees, and for me that minute is needed to make a wind call, range, check drop chart and dial. I always want a good shot nothing hurried.

I guess that's why its called hunting and not catching. and I get way more luck out in the field over being at home. it is what it is.


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