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Fallow Deer

27 Sep 2021
@ 01:06 am (GMT)

Todd Free

Over the last year I have finally seen deer sign where I regularly hunt but never the deer. Have had 2 cameras in place and just get pigs, roo, goats and eagles.

But not today! Finally saw a couple fallow youngsters that saw me first and fled. It was mid-afternoon and I was just looking around on quad and not in stealth or hunt mode.

Watched them go happily because I will see them again.

Five min drive later I spotted some black spots under a tree ahead. A bunch of pigs at 340 yards. Casually found a good spot and took one of a dozen.


30 Sep 2021
@ 06:51 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Fallow Deer
Hi Todd. Lucky you. Here in Oregon the government eradicates any pigs that wander north from California, in an unsportsmanlike manner: They shoot them from helicopters. I can hunt bear and cougar during deer season, but I don’t because I’m not interested in eating either one.
20 Dec 2021
@ 01:15 pm (GMT)

Todd Free

Re: Fallow Deer
National Parks annually attempts to control goats with helicopters and assault rifles south of the property I hunt at. They even collar a 'Judas" goat to locate them easier.

I have seen no change in the amount of goats I see for the last 10 years so this must be to show the public they are doing something as I do not think it is very effective control. Nether is my attempt I guess.


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