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Hard cast hunting bullet for 30-30

12 Dec 2020
@ 07:02 am (GMT)

Brent Kennedy

Just wondering if anyone has used hard cast bullets for big game hunting specifically in 30-30. If so how was performance? What shot placement should be used? I'm using a 165gr hard cast with wide meplate at around 17-19 BHL at around 2000fps. I'm thinking because they will likely penetrate really well but won't grenade like a soft point they probably won't produce extremely fast kills so high shoulder shots might be best. Any experience to share


12 Dec 2020
@ 08:11 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Hard cast hunting bullet for 30-30
Hi Brent, yes shot placement will be everything. Just keep in mind that both frontal area and velocity have an effect on wound generation. As velocity falls away so to does hydraulic action. The following link may, as an aside, also be useful:
13 Dec 2020
@ 08:56 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Hard cast hunting bullet for 30-30
Robert in Tokoroa makes lots of cast projectiles and sells them on trademe...his 151grn cast .308 cal hoho hollow point is VERY VERY GOOD... its the go to for subsonics if you wont fork out the big coin for lehigh and they work even better with a little speed...there are quite a number of folks using these in 30/30 now.
I played with them subsonic and was impressed with results... its not hard to make them expand even faster...but at 30/30 speeds they will open up very well as they are.he makes a 170grn the same but without hollow point...well worth buying pack to try them out.


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