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Re: Head shot

05 Sep 2020
@ 02:41 am (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

In late 2017 and early 2018 we had a thread going titled "Neck Shots on Medium Game with Frangible Bullets." I think there was some overlap with this discussion. In that thread I explained my parameters for taking certain shots. I re-read them this morning. They still sound theoretically okay. I mentioned the stomach-sick feeling of taking a bad shot and wounding a deer in passing, but it was definitely a past tense mention. In fall of 2018 I got cocky and careless, feeling good about having snuck up on a buck in his bed, feeling good about my range time, and got cute (read: stupid) with the shot selection. I found out that however well thought out you think your parameters are, a bad shot still gives you the stomach sickness and being willing to track however far it takes doesn't un-wound an animal, or kill it. Today, I find myself more appreciative of Mike's approach than I was in 2018. Shoot wisely and shoot well, friends.


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