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Re: n.z hunting tactics

16 Oct 2013
@ 11:52 pm (GMT)

Gavin Chau

sorry about the thread revival but this forum needs more posts!

In Australia I have been hunting on the same 2 properties for the last 2 years - more a force of habit than anything else - on these properties we have a few methods of getting game besides the usual spotlighting.

in one spot we split into 2 groups on a series of mountain ridges - in the afternoon there are often goats and pigs high up in the scrub on top of one particular ridge - one group shoots these at short range and the remaining ones get flushed out into a saddle of a mountain where they can be sniped at 550-600m by the other group (its only when I discovered this that I developed a strong interest in long range hunting - in fact I purpose built my rifle to shoot in this spot! as luck would have it I've now found spots where longer shots are available)

I'm not sure how pigs behave in other areas but there on these properties in particular they tend to spend their nights high up in the mountains and come down in the early morning and late after noons to feed. There are certain paddocks that they like to feed in (generally the ones with lignum) and at dusk they often descend in the same area to go through the same hole in the fence to get to the same paddock so its simply a matter of waiting on the opposite ridge for them. the downside is that there is only a 10 minute window where there is enough light to see them.

One other technique is to follow the farmers feed truck around - in the afternoons the feral pigs will be feeding right alongside the sheep 20m's from the feedtruck! they'll often be rooting around in the same area looking for uneaten chick peas after dark - so you can go back and get them with a spotlight


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