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Re: 338 Federal specific 200 Woodleigh?

10 Jan 2019
@ 11:33 am (GMT)

Paul Yates

I know this is an old thread, but I just can't help myself from posting because it seems to me the 338 Federal is being under-rated.

Probably for good reason, because it seems the info is based on fairly old data, such as "Upper average velocities for the .338 Federal in a 22” barreled sporter include 2850fps with 160 grain bullets, 2650fps with 180 grain bullets, 2450fps with 200 grain bullets, 2400fps with 210 grain bullets, 2350fps with 225 grain bullets and 2250fps with 250 grain bullets." (from Nathan's page on the 338 Fed)

Newer powders and load data allow us to drive 200 grain .338 bullets over 2700 FPS from a 338 Federal, and 160 grain monometals at close to 3100 FPS This puts it basically on par with published 338-06 loads.

With this data in mind, I respectfully suggest that people who are considering the 338 Federal should (through their own investigation) come to realize that Nathan's assessment of the 338 Federal was, at one point, very good - but that it is in dire need of an update.

No offense intended, Nathan. There are A LOT of cartridges out there and you cannot be expected to keep up with all of them all the time - especially ones that seem to get so little attention as the Fed.


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