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Re: close range .308

29 Dec 2018
@ 02:33 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

shot another close range red the other day...only a handbag sized yearling and due to it being alert and in process of moving off I took the only shot on offer which was far from ideal...through its right rear ham....totally smashed up the femur to point it wasnt recognisable as a bone....he dropped down and dragged slowly downhill,dog not interested in holding (as she hasnt been allowed to scrag anything) but she kept right by it till it stopped less than a minute 100ish yards away,allowing a 2nd shot through base of head. job done.lost half a rear leg with bullet path being about 2" wide with blowback seen.

sort of goes with other thread on non ideal results but I though to post it happens,what you choose to do afterwards is what counts.
my daybag was full of prime eating vennison that my meat starved mates have made good use of,the dog got to do her thing and the exercise may have put heart attack back a few months.


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