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Re: .44 RM performance on medium-sized game

12 Jun 2018
@ 08:14 am (GMT)

Jean Dupuis

I'm ready to spend some money on good ammo for hunting, that's not a problem. As the Hornady FTX delivers good performance, I'll take it. Sadly, no cheap "cowboy loads" are available here in France, so either you plink with your own reloads, or you use lower quality hunting ammo like soft points rounds that can be found for around ~30€ or 35€ /50. It is quite costy, but for someone like me who wishes to have a decent hunting/plinking rifle it is in fact quite good.

The only thing I still ask myself about is if .30-30 would work better because of its velocity for close range hunting (under 40-50 yards, 60 yards max) and if it would be worth to spend much more money on ammo in that case : I can get 20 .30-30 cartridges for the same price as a box of 50 .44 mag cartridges... The subject has already been discussed in an other thread here some time ago, but I have a hard time to come to clonclusions. I may seem to be hesitating a bit too much, as Nathan Foster already assured me that .44RM would perform well, at least as long as I don't aim too far back. However, I would just like to have a clear consciousness about my choice - I wouldn't want to have a .44RM and keep telling me from time to time that I should have taken a .30 WCF rifle...

Anyway, I appreciate that you take the time to read my posts and even to answer !



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