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Re: n.z hunting tactics

15 Mar 2013
@ 07:55 pm (GMT)

Guy Mainland

Hi Jason, it's probably a few months out of date but here's my two cent's. Strange, isn't it, that most of the threads on this and most other forums concentrate on the rifles, the calibres, the optic's ,the equipment-basically the toys. This is the only website I've seen that has a hunting tactic's forum-and it's barely used. As a bloke who is recent to hunting and with no mates who are interested or with experience, finding out where the animals are is hard to say the least. In early Janauary I shelled out big money on a heli-hunt trip into a Tararua's hot spot. Jason from amalgamated Helicopters was awsome- flew me all around the area showing me where he see's them, when they will be there-everything I needed to know. I followed his advice, and came back five days later empty handed. Didn't see a thing. My theory is the weather was too hot for them out on the tops. There was heap's of old sign and just one set of fresh print's. My dog winded once or twice but the terrain was impossible when I tried to get down to them. It was frustrating, I wondered if it was me. When Jason picked me up he couldn't believe it either. We flew all over the place and finally saw a spiker in a river bed about two days walk away from where I was. Did I waste my money? Hell no! It was an awsome five days just me and my dog, camping out under star's a couple of hairy moments climbing some dodgy terrain, and scenery was world class. I agree with faulkner, It's the hunt, not the kill that I enjoy, bagging an animal every time would be great but that's pretty rare as I hear it. As for tips and tactics, faulkner is not the first person who has said the more often you go out the more you will see.


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