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Re: Belts

14 Jun 2014
@ 09:27 am (GMT)

kelvin brace

Hi all - thanks for the feedback - this thread has kept me smiling all night.
@sllindsay - I saw Mikes belts - and am going to head into an army surplus store nearby and have a look!

The kilts actually look like they would be good in the bush - but not sure I've got the guts to wear em!

As Nathan has now outed me with photos (thanks ;-)) you can see I often go the short shorts route - but in recent years have been wearing long trousers more and more - I cant figure out why - I think peer pressure not to look so bad in hunting photos... In NZ shorts are still my favourite.

I find long pants too hot. I have been running fleece - but find it gets heavy and crap when wet and way too hot unless its snowing. I have been using some pants I picked up in Cabellas in Canada and find them ok - but not as comfortable as shorts. (PS I am happy in short shorts in foot deep snow as long as I have good putties (gaiters) - and have been spotted in Canada in a singlet at -5 by disbelieving Japanese tourists! (I think they were disbelieving - they might have just been frightened)...

@Bob - can relate to ticks in Aussie - was horrified the first time I set up camp by a river and was sitting there feeling like I was really clever for finding such a nice spot when looking down saw a monster scaling my leg... we got hit in not too ugly places before figuring out that shifting the tent 50 meters might be clever.

Back to belts - I have been scoping out the train guards on my way to work and back as they all use duty belt systems and seem to use many variations. I realise this is not really a good translation to hunting - but its interesting to see the many different rigs they are wearing. I have been getting funny looks - I don't usually stand on a train staring at guys belt regions! (my story and I am sticking with it).

So far my thoughts;

I like the riggers belt for the thought of being able to use it for tying off when rock fishing - and the thought that I could use it to get out of odd spots in the bush (probably a fantasy but one that I like - I have spent hours being lowered and lowering others on a pack strap when we got caught in a canyon stream - and the belt would have made me feel much happier.

I like the Simms for the back bracing - but am not sure it is quite what I am after.

I had looked at Uncle Mikes Evo Duty / Outer Belt as it looked like it had good back support as well as looking the bits but as I don't know much about these types of belts was not too sure if it would work for me.

The reason I really started looking at belts was that last time I was home and was hunting with Nathan I had lots of issues with the new knife I purchased. Its a monster and WAY bigger than any other skinning knife I have ever used. For a start I was really unhappy as I was sure I would hate it due to the blade size and had spent good coin on it - but at the end of a few days and with a reasonable number of goats butchered for dog tucker was getting into using it. The only problem was its such a beast it completely sucked on my normal little dress belt (people who see me at work probably don't guess how much guts and blood my good dress belt saw on that trip - I didn't have a spare!). Hence the thought to find something that would stop it moving all round my waste and driving me nuts.

I am still not sure on two belt systems - so will keep looking. Keep the advice coming!


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