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Re: Some new steels for knife makers

16 Jul 2018
@ 08:48 pm (GMT)

Cor Nepgen

Hi Warrick,

Thank for the advice, think I'll save myself the experimenting with D2 haha. I must be honest, I like the way a patina builds up on steel but have never considered how this will influence the handle materials from an aesthetic perspective.. Food for thought..

I think you are on to something with the Chef knives in superblue, that just sounds like an amazing application for that steel. Sharpening knives are half the fun for me, between freehand stones and the sharpmaker I tend to have the odd bit of success.

Yes you are correct, Heavin forge offers knives making courses tat looks very good. Kevin has a video where he talks about knife sharpening that I found very useful. Discussing similar issues to the papery posted in the other thread. I'll post the video there. Neels van den Berg (black dragon forge) also does knife making and axe making courses. Don't think you can go wrong with either one but I would prefer Kevin Harvey I think. Until you mentioned it, I didn't really think about doing one of the courses but it has tickled me now.

My future plans are a bit unclear but will definitely keep in the back of mind.

Thank you for the comparison between S35VN and 52100. Knowing the S35VN outperforms the 52100 makes it quite exciting for me. On a recent hunt, my 52100 hunting bowie was able to go through two Kudu breasts and skin, process one through. Very easy to bring back to razor sharp afterwards, so that knife is fast becoming one of my favorites.

Thanks again for the advice and knowledge sharing.


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