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Re: Some new steels for knife makers

12 Jul 2018
@ 09:16 pm (GMT)

Cor Nepgen

Hi Warrick,

Thank you for posting your findings and this thread, I have become very interested in different steels and enjoy comparing them as an interest. I must stay, you are quite brave making a knife from S110v.

My daily carry is a spyderco Manix 2 in S110V for the last two years or so. My experience with different steels is obviously much more limited than you, so far I have 8CR13MOV, VG10, 52100 and S110V.

My experience is pretty much as you describe above. It will cut and keep on cutting for a very long time, however it does take a great deal of time to reprofile. Because of that, I am diligent in maintaining the edge and regularly strop and touch up. (I use the spider sharp maker).

If I remember correctly, its the amount of Vanadium present in the steel that forms carbides. Practically what I found with this, is that the steel excels with a slightly coarser finish to the edge.

VG 10 as well as 52100 I maintain shaving sharp (push cuts) and it is very easy to keep there. S110V on the other hand does not get that "sticky sharp" feeling, but when you start using the steel using pulling cuts, it just outperforms all the rest by a large degree.

I think you are right in mentioning different steels for different uses and people. The newer "super steels" I think is more suited for people interested in the steel and comparing it to others. Most of my friends would hate it and not get an edge on it, just because of the time commitment it takes to sharpen it. Note that I do not (yet) have the diamond rods.. So it takes some time and doing haha.

Te downside I have found it what you gain for in hardness you slightly loose in toughness compared to 52100. So more prone to chipping, and then it is a chore to reprofile to remove the chip.

That said, I love the steel and choose it ahead of most of my knives. Also because I love the Blurple Manix. The ergonomix and grip of the G10 suits me very well. Think its a little big knife


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