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Re: Muzzle Break .375

01 Oct 2017
@ 11:46 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

hi Alan
it appears this thread got missed.
im not sure what action you planning on doing a build on, if its a remington have a look on the blog you'll see Nathan shooting a 375 rum in a precision platform stock and how much alone the stock can make a difference.
i was talking to Clive yesterday great guy not sure if he's exporting stock but might be of some use to you.

trueflite here in nz does a very good forwards venting muzzle brake it takes the sting out a caliber without the rearwards blast.
Nathan does talk about them in the book and you'll find that what was fitted to his 375 rum

muzzle brakes seem to add 2-4 inches onto length of a gun if your got a varmint weight barrel and your worried about recoil in might be worth getting barrel an extra 2' or so longer then you need it'll give you a touch more weight and would be inline with have a muzzle brake in length but without the noise you can always get it shortened and threaded for a muzzle brake if you need to go that route.

i have been keeping an eye on chinchaga bullets but i haven't seen any low velocity pictures everything being above 2000fps that i have seen, you might have to experiment and monitor results if you want to push them a long way.

just on a slightly separate note im starting to see lot more 338lapua mags here, people having this idea about shooting game at long ranges with a big magnum, but i do start to wonder if we have the game with enough weight (body resistance) to really get the most out of them.
if you have to run a 225gr or 250gr in a 338 to get projectiles to perform well then with the loss of bc and price of components sometimes it can be better to drop down a caliber and run heavy projectiles.
just a comment to do with our local game, elk being the biggest we have here without going into wild cattle. with most game being under 140kgs with average being around 100kgs


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