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Re: PSF27 and VG10 steel for knife blades

16 May 2017
@ 07:45 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Warrick ,you make a good point re cheap knives. over on another Kiwi forum there is a thread with something like 200 pages/3500 posts all about Bacho knives. they sell for between $6-15 and they come in a nifty wee plastic sheath. thereis one in each of my vechiles,haved dressed out 2 deer and a pig with one without needing more than a quick steel between animals.
funny thing is same knife with mora brand on it sells for $40-60 same knife,same sheath,same steel......
mercator folders are another that are great cheap reliable blades.
if money wasnt an issue I would have a custom knife...but is is so I dont.....quite happy with good quality knives I have,the peasant knife from svord is one of my favourites and that cost me nothing as it was picked up in a gateway.


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