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Re: PSF27 and VG10 steel for knife blades

14 May 2017
@ 04:20 pm (GMT)

G. Woodsman

Thank you Lane and Warrick for the ideas. I found some more of the old threads on this site regarding knife steels as well as your web site Warrick, and they are all packed with great info.

What prompted me to ask about PSF27 is that Gayle Bradley, the Texas custom knife maker, has collaborated with Spyderco on a couple of fixed blade factory knives using that steel, which he speaks very highly of, saying he finds it much better than D2 due to different way it is made. I also found an extensive thread on bladeforums where some of the early users liked it a lot.

Of the steels you both recommended I don't see a lot of them in factory knives where I'm at (U.S.) except the occasional VG10. Is that because the others you mentioned (52100, RWL34, CPMS35VN, etc.) are utilized more in custom knives? And is that due primarily to cost? I had planned on getting a good quality factory hunting knife, but I must admit that all the reading about knife steels is making me think a bit about the custom possibilities.

Also, most of what I found about RWL34 seems to suggest it mainly for kitchen knives. Is there some reason why it couldn't also make a good hunting knife?

Never thought when I started out that I would get in this deep with knife steels, but I must admit I find it kind of addicting. Interesting stuff.


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