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22 Feb 2017
@ 07:31 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

After going through a few commercial daybags over the years which have all failed in one way or another I finnaly talked SWMBO into sewing me up my own pikau..... we measured up my sons bought one (ridgeline) and increased sixes to suit me better basically a piece of polarfleece 1800mm x 800mm folded in half with side seams sewn,its nice camp pattern but as it might get hard use carrying we used shorter piece of blaze camo around about the 1400x800 size sewn inside....two tennis balls one in each corner and a piece of seatbelt about 5 feet long (also able to be used to carry whole deer with method the Gale's show) larks head knot to close bag and clovehitch in each corner ove the tennis balls keeps it all together.
the reason the blaze is shorter is twofold. when its camo side out the blaze is hidden for stealth missions or duckshooting and with a quick switcharoony the strap is off ,tennis balls removed,bag turned inside out,balls replaced,strap refitted and walah blaze outer with huge big outer pockets to put gear in with meat inside.
now looking at sons commercial bag.
two minor changes make huge difference
#1 sew the shoulder strap on 3" down so if it comes untied the opening stays at top instead of it all falling out on ground
#2 this one was so simple Im going to suggest it to ridgeline,thread bootlace inside the to seam/neck of bag so it is double closed(I used my old woolpack needle!!! )
carried my new bag out the other day in hot conditions and more than happy with it.
looked in H&F today at new models on shelf,one had brass eyelets to thread lace through but still same theory as old one.
hope this helps someone


23 Feb 2017
@ 08:25 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: pikau
just dont tell my dog where her tennis balls have gone
25 Feb 2017
@ 08:21 pm (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: pikau
Mike, can you explain the tennis balls? not sure on the role they play. Always looking for new ideas with the Pikau - best bit of kit ever I reckon.
25 Feb 2017
@ 10:47 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: pikau
no worries Mate.
one tennis ball in each corner of the bag gives strap something to hold onto. you tie strap around pack corner which leaves balls sticking out each side like Shreks ears/rubber ringed lambs goolies,without something in corner of pack your strap/string will simply slide off the corner.
I remember the old mans pikaus from my youth as we used them for possum skins, a simple hessian sack with plastic cotton reel in corners for string to hang onto. if I can find some plastic training golf balls they will be lighter than the tennis balls.


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