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Re: Sandbags

05 Dec 2016
@ 07:06 pm (GMT)

Simon Foley

Also interested to hear how they go. Decided to make some sandbags for load testing last week and had a canvas bank bag that I filled with slightly damp white bedding sand and sewed closed. Not stuffed to capacity but fairly full. Took it to the local range on the weekend anticipating 5 shots in the same hole as the sandbag would remove all human error of course.

Group sizes doubled from my usual and rifle felt like a pig to control. Was bouncing around like I was shooting on a bipod off concrete. Range has concrete tables and I was wondering if the damp sand was compacting too hard and transferring that solid concrete bounce. I had moulded a very shallow V in the top of the bag so rifle was resting on top of the bag. (Only read the above comments today so will try a deeper V next time) Tightening fore-end grip and sling made it worse and eventually found reasonable consistency by slacking off sling and grip substantially.

Was thinking that I should try something softer like kitty litter and then the final group of the day on a fresh target was really good and of course I am now thinking that it was technique to blame, too used to shooting over a softer backpack. Don't really want to be constantly remaking sandbags so will persevere for another round with the dense sand and then if I really can't keep it consistent and controlled will test an alternative with a lighter sand or kitty litter type fill. Will continue to watch this thread for sandbag technique and etiquette.


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