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Re: home made tumbler

14 Nov 2016
@ 03:56 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

I tried annealing the SST's as per the video and tutorials, but it just wasn't working. Not the annealing part, the gripping and turning of the pliers. I could not get the bullets to heat evenly as it was just too awkward (my wrists and arms are buggered). I gave up for a long time. While I was setting up my 308 for reloading, a flash of mediocrity hit me. I have a cartridge case for every caliber that I shoot that has the neck split for getting the COL. I stuck an SST into it and that cured the spinning problem. Now I can just roll the bullet in the flame by spinning the case in my fingers.

As well, my grip on the forend (Hold that forend!) is sadly lacking. If I use the overhand method it's ok, but I can't grip the stock itself properly. Hence another alternative was needed. I used a wax toilet seal (a new one, Thomas) and moulded it into ball. Then I gripped it and just started squeezing until it was formed to a point that was a neutral grip shape. After a little trimming here and there, I put it into a 2 litre milk carton and poured in enough plaster to cover it. After it had set, I melted the wax out and used the mould to form a castable urethane hand grip. With a 1/4-20 stud in the top, it threads right into the swivel stud on the stock. Now I have a vertical, custom hand grip and that forend is not going anywhere.

(There's way more to the moulding process, but I shortened it for here. If you want the details, I will gladly post them.)


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