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Re: Sandbags

26 Sep 2016
@ 10:30 am (GMT)

Christopher Howse

So I purchased a generic brand X bag type sandbag. I wear my jeans as work wear till threadbare.
So my EBay X bag by straight shooter shooting supplies Australia cost $50 Posted and that seemed OK to me as it seems like quality cordura type material with some no slip where it grips the rifle and is shaped suitably as the bag is intended.
Using creek sand from a dry outback creek the same as we use in concrete it weighs in at a whopping 15 kilograms filled with sieved creek sand.
My idea is to have a quick and handy sighting in rest that is ready to go when I throw it on the bench.
Maybe I would use kitty litter if I did it again to save some weight
Will post again when I get to try it


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