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Re: Knife

09 Jun 2016
@ 04:11 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

I have been meaning to email you Warrick but this thread will do fine.

Wanted to say, I have been finding that the knives / this steel seems to be getting better with age. And by this I don't mean finding the right angle because I have not changed anything.

In the DRT vid I put up, it had been three trips since I sharpened the knife. During that time, I have butchered deer, muddy goats and pigs and sheep. Have only used a sheffield steel to correct the big knife over a total of about fifteen animals. If you watch through the vid, I had a slow cut on the grey goat so I changed my approach angle to make the knife work easier (I cut the front leg from the front). So the knife was just starting to dull off a bit then.

The blade had no oil or fat on it as the storm hit and we got fairly soaked. I finally cleaned the knife two days later and there was surface rust so I took to it with scotchbrite, leaving fine black stains where the rust was. Others might be keen to see it pick up a black patina over time but I cherish this one a great deal including the polish you gave it, so I have been trying to keep it that way. In any case, it will need a proper sharpening now.

All in all, a good steel to work with. I think it takes time to build confidence in any tool so perhaps this is also factor. In any case, I have been very happy with the results.


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