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Sightron S3 6-24x50 FFP new turret caps

15 Dec 2014
@ 10:16 am (GMT)

Jason Yozzi

Hi All
Firstly let me say Nathan awesome site, products and books its world class.

Putting my new combination together and got to optics. After reading Nathans recomendations on optics I purchased a Sightron S3 6-24x50 having never seen one before I couldn't wait to receive it. I got the remington sendero ll sightron and nightforce 20 MOA base and ring

Worked up a load finish all my testing found the sweet spot dam I'm on a roll all I need to do now is re zero my turrets and I can go off and do my drop data.

Here's where the problems started the new turrets now have one screw in the center of the turret cap, try to loosen the cap the turret moves. I know I will hold the cap a little tighter. The top turret screw loosens move my dial to zero and tighten......Nope try to tighten the cap screw and the whole dial turns. If you hold the cap the screw turnes the turret as it slips on the cap it's almost impossible to tighten. You then to dial up the turret and the cap slips it's so frustrating.
Has anyone else had this problem ??
I love the optics but my patience is running out


15 Dec 2014
@ 10:22 am (GMT)

Jason Yozzi

Re: Sightron S3 6-24x50 FFP new turret caps
Tactical Turrets 0.25 MOA
Exposed Large Tactical Style Turrets that are Offered in 0.25 MOA adjustments. Torx 20 set screw positioned on top of turret allows for quick and easy adjustment when resetting back to zero.
15 Dec 2014
@ 03:08 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Sightron S3 6-24x50 FFP new turret caps
Hi Jason, I have not had this problem but perhaps it is because I have spent a lot of time mucking around with turret scopes.

It is possible that the torx screw was siomply too firm when you went to undo it, causing initial problems.

I hold the turret and the scope body between my fingers.

I only nip up the screws. There is no need for heavy tightening and indeed, I have seen threads ruined on various scopes from such practices.

I have never had a turret slip after being nipped up. So again, no need for heavy tightening.

You should be just fine once you get the hang of it.

It sounds as though you have made excellent progress so far Jason. Fantastic.

15 Dec 2014
@ 09:39 pm (GMT)

Jason Yozzi

Re: Sightron S3 6-24x50 FFP new turret caps
Hi Nathan

The way explained it was exactly how I did it . Thought I was all set, took the gun out dialed it up to 500 shot back to zero then out too 300 and the turret turned a few clicks then spun the cap. It appears that the little washer between the screw and cap bites in on the way back to zero and loosens the screw. As much as I love the optics I'm thinking about replacing it because of this issue and frustration. The last thing I want to to get it all set take it out on game only to have the problem occure. It actually done it from new the very first time I tried to sight the rifle in.
I was also thinking of putting a smear of lock tight on the inside of the turret cap. Almost like a bedding, as with the new tapered fitting style there might not be making full contact. Just a thought but would like your input if possible.

Why did they change it from the older style of the three screws around the side of the turret cap. ?? If it's not broke don't fix it sightron !!
16 Dec 2014
@ 01:49 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Sightron S3 6-24x50 FFP new turret caps
Something definitely amiss there. I have used this turret system without problems. may pay to send it back and describe the fault.

Annoying but perhaps the best route and more peace of mind rather than applying fixes.
23 Jan 2015
@ 12:10 am (GMT)

Jonathan Lehmann

Re: Sightron S3 6-24x50 FFP new turret caps
Jason I had the same issue as I would tighten down on the torx screw the turret would start clicking and slip off of the desired position.... frustrated I set the gun aside went back later. Refreshed, like Nathan said, I nipped the screw up until I felt it start to move to the next click and I stopped. I then using my my index finger and thumb on the top of the turret like I would to adjust, I placed my middle finger in the junction of the turret and the scope tube and applied slow steady pressure to the torx key just under letting it click off my zero and repeated this several times to try to snug up. I got the turret tight enough that it hasn't slipped but my zero hash mark isn't perfectly centered on the hash on the scope body but it stays put and I can tell where I am. Hope that helps.


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