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Scope for Custom Kar98 in 6mm AI

31 Aug 2014
@ 04:31 pm (GMT)

Mark Whitaker


I have just acquired another rifle with dies, 100 new 6mm Rem brass and 40 factory rounds (I have a problem that just can't be satisfied!!)

Anyway its an old customised Kar98 in 6mm AI, single stage trigger with a Parker & Hale type Stock probable customised in the 60's as it has an early Tasco 6 power scope on it.

The mounts are a one piece in 1" and very solid so if possible I would like to keep them.

As I already have a Mountain 7mm-08, this new rifle will only be used for foxes, dogs, cats, rabbits, goats etc, not usually Deer or pigs.

What's the Sightron SII 4-16x42 MD like? You always mention the SIII range but very little on the SII range.

Thanks Mark


31 Aug 2014
@ 04:36 pm (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Re: Scope for Custom Kar98 in 6mm AI
Also, what's the difference in the SII and SIIB as the 4-16x42 MD is available in both?

31 Aug 2014
@ 10:27 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Scope for Custom Kar98 in 6mm AI
Hi Mark, the difference is lens coatings. The Big sky has slightly superior glass.

I am quite fond of this particular model. It has been through changes since its introduction- originally too short to fit on a long action. The current model is longer and has the option of a mil dot reticle as opposed to the Hunter Holdover.

For some reason, I find that although the turrets on this unit are very small and calibrated in 1/8 increments, the dentents are very positive. All in all a nice scope, very affordable. I have used this model to just past 1000 yards.

As another thought, I would be tempted to put this scope on a rifle, where the rifle is to be used for ordinary hunting without the intention of long range- as it affords the option of extended or long range shooting later on without having to change optics.

Extreme example:

A guy buys a .35 Whelen rifle. He has enough funds for a mid price range scope. He buys the SIIB 4-16, even though he only wants to shoot to 200 yards. It has a nice clear sight picture and plenty of eye relief. 12 months later he is on a ridge and sees a deer at 400 yards on an opposite ridge face. Off he goes home and makes a drop chart for the Seirra 225gr bullet. Next time he is all set to go.

Or- guy buys a Whelen, fits this scope, then decides to fit it to a varmint rifle later on. I think what I am trying to say is that this scope has handy features at an affordable price, whether latent or utilized.

The downside of my thinking is that some guys simply shouldn't be shooting long range because they lack the skills to do so. Recommending this basic long range capable scope as something to put on "any" rifle may not be the best advice.

Either way, it's a good little scope.
31 Aug 2014
@ 11:38 pm (GMT)

Mark Whitaker

Re: Scope for Custom Kar98 in 6mm AI
Thanks Nathan

Your thoughts are exactly what I will be using this rifle for. Normal hunting with occasional medium range.

I will try and get some 95gr Partitions.



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