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JVC EZ-EX355 as spotting scope

01 Apr 2014
@ 11:18 pm (GMT)

Mike Neeson

I have finally got out to the range and these short videos are what I got from using my camcorder as a spotting scope. The JVC has an inbuilt wifi transmitter so I can connect to my smart phone to the camera and then use the phone as the view finder remotely. I set the camera up behind me and can view/control the camera from the shooting position. I only have a 10x scope and have been pleasantly surprised at the utility of this little camera.

Shooting was at 200 and 300 metres. This has been posted just as a demonstration of the camera for any other people who were thinking of using a camcorder as a spotting scope. I plan to move out further on the next outing - 400 and then maybe 500m. Also looks like I have the shooter app set up correctly and it was giving excellent drops... so far.


01 Apr 2014
@ 11:34 pm (GMT)

Mike Neeson

Re: JVC EZ-EX355 as spotting scope
Just realised that I had my rifle scope on 3x power for the whole shooting session. Had been doing some dry firing at home a while ago and never checked it at the range. DOH. I was thinking to myself during the shoot - Damn that plate looks small! HAHA anyway, it has taught me that you can still do reasonably well with a low power scope. I've turned it back up and now no one will ever know.
02 Apr 2014
@ 01:18 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: JVC EZ-EX355 as spotting scope
Good shooting Mike

3x scope setting and a stand that jumps around like jelly! Haaaa

The camera works a treat!

Cheers Marty


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