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Leupold T-MOA Reticle

07 Apr 2023
@ 09:00 pm (GMT)

Jack Dunross

Does anyone have any experience with the SFP Leupold T-MOA reticle? Specifically in the vx6 3-18x50, or the vx5 4-20x52.

I'm just wondering if it is thick enough not to disappear when looking into dark timber or on dark animals.

Also if anyone has any experience with either scope I'd love to hear feedback. I'm currently tossing up between either of these scopes or the nightforce NX8 2.5-20x50 f2. If anyone has experience with the NX8, I'd love to hear feedback on that too.

The scope will be going on my 308 Hack rifle.



24 Jun 2023
@ 10:51 am (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: Leupold T-MOA Reticle
maybe a bit late, but i have a nxs 3.5-15x50 and i find it very good. that 2.5-20 nx8 looks good but eye relief is 3.5" compared to 4" on the 3.5-15 nxs.
25 Jun 2023
@ 11:09 pm (GMT)

Jack Dunross

Re: Leupold T-MOA Reticle
Thanks Ben, i appreciate it mate! How forgiving is the eyebox on the nxs? It's my understanding that the nx8 can be a little finicky.
26 Jun 2023
@ 12:13 am (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: Leupold T-MOA Reticle
I've found it to be good. I haven't made a particular point of comparing that so I couldn't honestly rate it very accurately against other scopes. I Haven't noticed it in a negative way at all, no worse than any other scope I have looked through so it must be alright.


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