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Purple Fringing

09 Dec 2022
@ 01:31 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Hello team,

I'm wondering if anyone else has issues with higher magnification (or lower) with purple fringing on their sight picture?

I have the Sightron SIII LRMD/CM 6-24x50 and have this issue.

I had expected a bit better quality to be honest.

However it may be a limitation on the scope with such high magnification. Has anyone else noticed this on their Sightron or other brand?

If not I may send back to the factory for a check up


25 Feb 2023
@ 06:41 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Purple Fringing
Hi Andrew, sorry I somehow missed this. I think perhaps because it was posted during the last book launch.

I have been quite fortunate, have not seen this effect in the Sightron SIII's I have dealt with, though I did come across one SIII that had more distortion than normal toward the outer lens showing that it was not ground as well as it could have been.

You could try sending it back to the importer if you have some record of the purchase. Although Sightron used to deal with international order warranties directly, they will now only work through importers due to the problems associated with export / import regulations etc.

Just as an aside, I believe quality control dropped dramatically across the brands (including rifles / barrels) during the pandemic. This has only just come onto my radar in the last couple of months as I inspect new items that were made during the previous period.
26 Feb 2023
@ 06:32 am (GMT)

Howard Audsley

Re: Purple Fringing
I would up with same scope for a rifle I am having built. I got the MOA-2.

After seeing scope in hand, I'm having 2nd thoughts as to MOA-2 reticle and it's use for hunting, as lines are very small. Also plan to use rifle as a trainer for younger shooters to cut their teeth on accurate shooting at modest distances of 600 yards or less. Enough distance they will have to dial in adjustments or use holdovers.

Is this scope still on the highly recommended list or is there something better?

My experience in past has been mostly straight duplex scopes, but only at relatively short distances of 200 yards or less. No adjustments or holdover needed for hunting deer or varmints at those ranges. That will be the use for this scope also, at least when used for hunting from fixed blinds.

08 May 2023
@ 05:50 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: Purple Fringing
Just as a follow, I generally believe this is high contrast at high magnification issue and is a limitation even high-end lens on high end cameras have. I am doubtful it can be resolved.

That is, when pointing at bright items against dark backgrounds, or dark objects against bright backgrounds, at higher magnifications this is simply going to present itself, its physics.


I have no problems with the scope otherwise. It tracks well, is very clear and picks up light wonderfully. The eye relief is great, however to be fair, the majority of my game has been taken at similar ranges where the higher magnification has been unnecessary, it is good for target shooting however. It's also great for glassing in the absence of binos. As mine are 0.2 mil-dot intervals at 1 mil intervals I can utilise it for rudimentary ranging also.
14 May 2023
@ 12:24 pm (GMT)

David Landwehr

Re: Purple Fringing
Andrew, I have never noticed this on my SIii. I believe I have the same model as yours.
15 May 2023
@ 09:26 am (GMT)

Scott Struif

Re: Purple Fringing
Hi Andrew. If the purple fringing is concentric, you could look at it as a feature, rather than a defect. Set your parallax knob to 200 yards and leave it there. Use the purple fringing to center your eyeball for longer shots when game isn’t standing around broadside waiting for you to consult your rangefinder, drop chart, iPhone, Kestrel, etc.


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