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New 40mm tube Sightron

29 Aug 2021
@ 12:24 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

I see this 40mm tube, Scopes been released by Sightron SVIII 5-40x56 FFP scope on their web sight. Comes with 40mm rings......
Who's going to buy it and try to break it for the team??? I would if I was still in the mines.......LOL Whats you opinions Lads???


29 Aug 2021
@ 12:25 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: New 40mm tube Sightron
29 Aug 2021
@ 01:11 pm (GMT)

David Lenzi

Re: New 40mm tube Sightron
I'd missed this entirely... while $3k could be a bargain for what you get, it's definitely pushing you into used Alpha glass territory and close to what something like a ZCO would cost you new.

What stood out to me: 49 ounces! Egad! That's 3 lbs for just the scope. Not surprising given that monster tube. I'd guess they're going for the competition crowd with that.
30 Aug 2021
@ 11:10 pm (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: New 40mm tube Sightron
sounds like a good target scope.

ffp and too much mag for me.

petty they havent come up with a mid/top tier precision hunting scope, 3-15x50 or the like.

there's a ton of ffp scopes at reasonable price ranges these days.
the brand arken aparantly make a top tier quality scope for just over a grand, 34m tube, quite heavy, not really suited to hunting.


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