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Quick Dial Settings on a Scope

08 Jul 2019
@ 07:04 pm (GMT)


Hi Guys,
Wondering if I could get some advice on setting up quick dial settings on a scope. I have a Swaro Z5 3.5-18 which has a zero stop and 3 coloured dial quick settings that you can pre-set. Any initial shot would be ranged and dialled exactly from drop charts but it would be good to have some pre-set distances dialled in for follow up if things go wrong and I'm wondering what the best distances would be.
I'm shooting a 280 Ackley and my max range is 400 yards which is 24 clicks up from my zero stop sighted in at 200 yards.
Do I change the zero to 100, then put the quick dials at 200, 300, 400?
Stay zeroed at 200 and set the dials at 300, 400 and 500 in case of a runner?
Divide the number of clicks by 3 and set it at 8 up, 16 up and 24 up?
Any feedback appreciated



15 Jul 2019
@ 09:00 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Quick Dial Settings on a Scope
Hi Vince, sorry none of the guys will have answered this because it is the anti of what I teach. I do not condone quick dial optics. The books explain why.

It pays to set the rifle up so that you don't have to fk around if you get a shot out to 300 yards. Zeroing dead on at 100 yards deal is generally best for bush hunters, kids, new shooters or target shooters. Your .280 can shoot to 300 with a slight hold under and hold over from center. Its best to set it 3" high at 100 yards for a zero of around 260 to 270 yards. It will be about 3" low at 300.

So to make best use of the dials, you can have them set at say 350, 375 and 400. That should suit you quite well. But note that your dials will be highly inaccurate for steeply angled shots. If you are shooting up or downhill at a steep angle, I suggest you pull back 4 clicks just to be safe. Thats the trouble with quick dials. If you were forced to sit down and do the math (make a drop chart), you would have a better understanding of these matters. Nevertheless, this suggested method will probably work for you.

Hope that helps a bit. All the best.
15 Jul 2019
@ 05:26 pm (GMT)

Vincent Marcon

Re: Quick Dial Settings on a Scope
Hi Nathan

Thanks for the reply, I've got a 2 of your books so far but not the long range shooting one which I'm guessing is where this info is.
To date I have been pretty much exclusively a bush hunter, hence the short range zeros, call it a mental hurdle I obviously need to overcome with this rifle and type of shooting.
The reason for the question was I had my first experience with (what I call long range) on rusa last weekend. 2 shots fired across a valley at animals ranged at 391 at 412 yards respectively. I have a printed drop chart (as well as a phone app for backup) which worked perfectly but it occurred to me at the time that had I needed to follow up on one of them and they had moved a significant distance and time was an issue this would maybe help?
Anyway thanks again for the response, I will rezero at 300, redo the drop charts and try again.

15 Jul 2019
@ 08:45 pm (GMT)

Vincent Marcon

Re: Quick Dial Settings on a Scope

This is the scenario on day 2 at Galatea

1 is where the shot was taken at 412 yards

2 is 359 yards

3 is 387 yards

4 is 314 yards

Assuming a wounded animal is going to run across/down and be ready for a follow up with limited time to set up and shoot.
Please understand that I don't shoot unless I am sure I can kill with the first shot. I also accept that I will (hopefully occasionally) fk up. This is all about being perepared for that fk up.



15 Jul 2019
@ 11:45 pm (GMT)


Re: Quick Dial Settings on a Scope
Vince, Google ZnikiZ.

They are a far better system for your scope than the vague imprecise colooured thingies that Swaro provide.
The ZnikiZ are more precise and more able to be tuned to your scope and load than the standard rings.

And as has been said, zeroing for 100 yds has drawbacks and no advantages.
16 Jul 2019
@ 06:55 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: Quick Dial Settings on a Scope
just thought i would mention that a friend of mine uses standard dials (leupold vx5) and uses the ballistic app within his range finder (also leupold) he spent lot of time making sure which mode/ballistic curve matches up to his caliber and sighting it in right.
he knows his limit which is around 600 with a 7mm rem mag with this set up, its not as exact as proper drop chart as Nathan mentioned but it is quick with closer shots and you can change loads etc but you have to spend time setting it up and checking it.
also if you use it on two different rifles/calibers and leave it on the wrong mode then your in for a ribbing from your mate with a drop chart when you miss.

02 Sep 2019
@ 05:53 am (GMT)

bryan long

Re: Quick Dial Settings on a Scope
seems if you're techie enough you can use your drop charts to make these, obviously for a fixed temp. and level ground.


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