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Capped Turret Hack

29 Mar 2019
@ 12:48 am (GMT)

Anders Österberg

Hello .
I did a turret hack on my Delta 2.5-15x50 HD Titanium the other day .

I realy like the scope and ther is no problem to use the turret to dail in longer shots , but.... the turret is rather flimsy and have a weak lockup on the lift-and-zero-funktion... , so when hunting I want the cap-cower on to avoiding lose my zero .

My solution to this problem was to cut windows in the caps , it funktions very well and can have the rifle in my Vorn backpack holster without any problems.

The litle rubber-disc on the inside is to not be able to lift the turret of it's zeronotch when the windocap is on .


29 Mar 2019
@ 10:23 pm (GMT)

Anders Österberg

Re: Capped Turret Hack
I have seen that it's several manufacturers that have this

Bushnell 6500 and Trijicon comes to mind...
30 Mar 2019
@ 10:27 am (GMT)

Anders Österberg

Re: Capped Turret Hack
Did also an color coding to my main bullets.
I have the Lapua 155gr Scenar as the main zero and the
Hornady ELD-X178gr goes 1/2 moa lowe and the
Barnes TTSX 150gr goes 1/2 moa high , but within one klick from the Scenar out to 400m

Easy to change ammo ... , just change colour zero and dail to range .



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