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Faulty Sightron SII Big Sky

18 May 2013
@ 02:03 am (GMT)

Carsten Pedersen


A little while ago I broke a bit in a Leopold ring screw.
Today I took the rifle to my local gun shop to ask them if they could drill out the screw and replace it as I wanted to mount the scope on my 7mm-08.

Well they couldn't and mounted the scope back on the rifle as was.
When I got home I got a nasty surprise, the reticule was canted to the side.
I took the scope off the rifle and scooted back with it.

They claim there was no way they could have caused the issue by just trying to Dremel out the screw or lift it out with a magnet, upon inspection the reticule moved a bit with the magnification ring.
I wondered if the magnet could have done damage although I would have thought a $1000 scope would be more robust.

They are shipping it to South Australia I believe under warranty.
I purchased the scope online from USA, would there be any warranty issues with that?
Ie the Australian importer/repair agent won't touch it because I imported it myself?



18 May 2013
@ 05:39 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Faulty Sightron SII Big Sky
Hi Carsten, a while ago, a client of mine damaged his Sightron, I sent it back to the U.S, the service was excellent.

The address for repairs is:
100 Jeffrey Way,
Suite A
North Carolina 27596

Ph: 800 867 7512

May pay to phone in advance and let them know that you are wanting to send in a scope for work, just to make sure that they will take on a job from Australia that has not been sent by Herrons.

Before you send in the scope, perhaps sit a bubble level on the elevation turret to check that the reticle really is out of alignment. There is a chance that it was not aligned properly when it was first mounted, but that you have only just noticed the cant with fresh eyes / different perspective. It can happen. Sorry if I am completely wrong, I just want to double check. Our eyes can easily play tricks on us, making lines vertical (there is a term for this which escapes me) to balance an image.

The SII are very stong, I have run them on rifles up to .375 RUM in power. I don't know what could have happened. Magnets would not do it.

I hope you find a solution.
18 May 2013
@ 06:50 pm (GMT)

Carsten Pedersen

Re: Faulty Sightron SII Big Sky
Cheers Nathan,

My local gun shop must sent it down to Herrons then
I hope Herrons will sent it to the states for me for repair.

The scope sits on my Savage 223 and have been a real treat, 1/3 MOA and I am chuffed about it, so much I think I'll get the same or an SIII next for my 7mm-08.

The reticle was way out, 45 degrees and very noticeable and it moved with the magnification ring twice as well.

Thanks for your reply.
I'm enjoying your long range hunting book and look forward to the next one

18 May 2013
@ 08:45 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Faulty Sightron SII Big Sky
Thanks Carsten, I am glad you are finding the book useful. Sightron will definitely rectify the issue with your scope. They are very efficient.


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