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Vortex Scopes

26 Jun 2016
@ 02:57 am (GMT)

Lane Salvato

I was wondering if any of you have experience with Vortex Optics? Not necessarily for long range only, just general hunting and shooting.



26 Jun 2016
@ 08:13 am (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: Vortex Scopes
I have a couple, viper pst and a low power diamondback.
I think they're both good scopes, the diamondback is very clear and bright.

I have shot the 6-24x50 pst side by side with my 6-24x50 sightron s3 and at this stage I don't believe the pst gives anything away to the s3.
I have not yet done full adjustment calibrations on these scopes so cant really say which is better in that regard but I have dialled out to 550yd with the pst and its been spot on and the clicks feel very good. I also think the ebr1 (I think it is) reticle on the pst is a bit better than the moa2 reticle on my s3.

I would try to steer clear of the crossfire2 scopes that are made in china, most of there range is made in the Philippines, there top range 'razor' models are made in japan.

a lot of their scopes have 4" of eye relief which is a good thing.
26 Jun 2016
@ 03:18 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Vortex Scopes
I have two Vortex Diamondback scopes, both are on low recoiling rifles.
At first both dialed in properly, but eventually that failed. Both have decent lenses, very bright.

Would I buy one again? I doubt it, and now see why it is they actually require the good warranty they have. I plan to send them in to fix this eventually.

I tried a friend's Razor Gen 1 scope and it was quite nice, dials in very well, th emoa turrets appear to be well calibrated for his moa reticle, and he has not seen any issues. The Gen II scopes have had a few issues based on what friends have told me about theirs, but they got them fixed or replaced and are good to go now.

My oldest son bought one of the Razor scopes when they first came out and while sighting it in the reticle broke, He exchanged the scope at the dealer's for a Zeiss and has been pleased with that. His rifle was a Tikka T3 Lite in 300WSM with the original stock at the time.
20 Apr 2021
@ 09:42 pm (GMT)

Baxter Holt

Re: Vortex Scopes
I recommend Vortex Optics Viper HS-T 6-24×50 SFP Riflescope because this is one of the great vortex scope reviews for money as this particular scope has exposed turrets that are great for accurate adjusting.
03 May 2021
@ 06:25 pm (GMT)

James Airey

Re: Vortex Scopes
I've had 2.

And wont have anymore.

Zero stop wouldn't work even after warranty claim.

If you're warranty is a selling point it doesn't really sell me that the product is remotely worth my time.

I know of multiple people with warranty claims.

People who have had to re zero scopes because they've dropped rifles whereas in the same instance my leupold vx5 holds true.

Not worth the hassle in my opinion.
06 Jun 2021
@ 01:26 am (GMT)

Mike R

Re: Vortex Scopes
I don’t particularly like them at all but somehow came home with one today. Originally was going to get a Bushnell Forge 4.5-27, or something similar for my Howa CT. I just put the rifle in one of those oryx chassis. Anyway I did not like the reticle in the Bushnell so ended up going through a heap of scopes they had a introductory special on the new Vortex Venom line in 5-25x56 FFP(meh)EBR-7c reticle (pretty good) glass seems ok, reasonable elevation adjustment. Good field of view, reliability unknown being a Chinese scope but overall surprised me how it stacked up against a heap of scopes I tried. Figure when I’m bored shooting Roos can run the 308 during the day and shoot some steel at some longer ranges, I have a 4 inch gong wonder how far I can hit from
24 Jul 2021
@ 09:36 pm (GMT)

Mike R

Re: Vortex Scopes
While I didn’t have a chance to hit the 4 inch gong I did put the venom through a few tests and it’s a bit of a mixed bag glass isn’t great but it’s ok mostly outer edges are a little fuzzy in 2 locations. With adjusting eye piece and parallax you can get a pretty good image resolution wise but those two locations remain fuzzy on the outer edge. But seeing I’m focused on the middle I don’t see an issue really. Mechanically it tracked spot on and I like very much the reticle. Shot out to 525 meter( 575yds)wind was my issue with 308 as in I didn’t think there was enough to push it, but it pushed 2 Moa to the right 1/4 value 4mph
168gr Hornady TAP precision different lot than before still shoots through the same hole out of a 20 inch barrel at 100 meters
27 Jul 2021
@ 09:58 pm (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: Vortex Scopes
vortex have a ton of long range/tactical scopes out there at the moment, most have pretty good specs too, and most reticles are very good.
reviews are a bit mixed but it does seem some of the cheaper scopes are becoming more reliable.
24 Oct 2021
@ 06:58 am (GMT)

Will Mathieson

Re: Vortex Scopes
i agree with James, not worth my time. My first vortex was an inexpensive 3-9x. On a hunting rifle at dusk the lens greyed out completely looking toward the tree line, no coated optics as advertised! Later a 24x Viper, after about 80 .223 rds it bega walking off target up to 9 inches. Returned to Vortex in Ontario and took 3 months to get it back. It looked like a finger smeared glue inside the tube and it failed again after about 60 rds. Sent it back saying that its not obsolete and I'd pay for an upgrade. I was refused and sent another obsolete scope new in the box so I flogged it and lost $100's. I was told "at this time we cannot upgrade you". Ya at this time because they don't want to admit to cheap faulty Philippines scopes made by ScoPro Optical Co. Retailers claim they don't get any returns, technically true because they don't take returns, you MUST return directly to Vortex. From reading many forums I've concluded approx. a 70% failure rate. If they put their $$ into the scopes and not hard sell advertising they "might" have good scopes. Only their Japanese made scopes are of quality and you do $ pay for that. Vortex is a company that contracts out scopes, just slaps their name onto them, just a retailer.
Remember to ask for cost of shipping before you return a Vortex because they do not offer unless you ask. I don't like the way they conduct business.
20 Mar 2022
@ 06:59 pm (GMT)

Alan Rimkeit

Re: Vortex Scopes
"From reading many forums I've concluded approx. a 70% failure rate. "

Wait, what?

Are serious?

Oh wow...
20 Mar 2022
@ 09:32 pm (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: Vortex Scopes
i dont buy that.

yes there are failures and returns but 70%, i dont think so.
04 May 2022
@ 07:36 pm (GMT)

Henry Cavill

Re: Vortex Scopes
Not bad optics as for its price. But it depends on your firearm - I believe that optics should be at the same price (or lower but not higher) as your gun. I used dimondback 3.5-10X50 at my Mossberg Patriot Predator - I am completely satisfied with it
05 May 2022
@ 09:21 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Vortex Scopes
Henry...that is the opposite of what has been recomended here in NZ for the last???????40-50 years....
buy a good rifle and the best scope you can afford . I have killed many many scopes over the years,I believe my old .270win lightweight had worn something in vacinity of a dozen scopes over 30 years and I managed to kill half of them with hard use and wet conditions. all my rifles now wear leupolds...and not top end ones either as Im not into the twiddle n fiddle thing as seldom shoot out past 300 yards....
I havent killed a leupold yet....and know when I DO that it will go back to factory and come back better than new. my fixed 4x M8 is actually a refurbed one from someone else,who bought replacement while it was away....clarity and holding zero are awesome on this wee scope,so far the fixed 3x on .270 is doing the job nicely.
my budget hasnt been huge for buying optics...havent spent more than $350 on a scope....buying a good 2nd hand model saves a lot of coin compared to new.
at end of day look at what you need scope to do.....what your budget is and find something that fits both....better to buy scope that is going to last the distance and cost slightly more to begin with than have to replace cheaper one multiple times....see even old dogs CAN learn new tricks.
11 May 2023
@ 04:46 am (GMT)

Cary Barton

Re: Vortex Scopes
I have a Vortex Viper 4X14 with Illuminated Reticle. I have it mounted wit a Vortex cantilever mount on an AR-10 .308. I use in the Milrad system and find it more than easy and a dream on that rifle out to 1000 yds.
Here is what has sols med on Vortex, I was at the range 3 weeks ago and my Rifle fell off the bench and landed upside down on the Scope! It broke the
Elevation Turret completely off, Bent he Wind-age Turret and jammed and bent the Sun hood so bad I couldn't remove it from the scope. Needless to say I was sick. I called Vortex customer service, they emailed me a return shipping label immediately, a return service number, and REPAIRED the scope at no cost to me! I had my scope back in three weeks!
As you can imagine this has made me a Vortex customer for life. Their quality and customer service is the best in the business.
Hope this helps,



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