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Re: 7mm Practical (and magnums)

05 Feb 2016
@ 11:00 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Thats actually pretty good performance.

Large animal versus small caliber. The wound is a good 2.5" wide, the A-Max has done well. There was very little bone on the way in, yet it did open up. The internal wound was large but the vitals were equally large relative to the wounding potential of the Swede.

Yes, if using the A-Max in close, tuck it in tight behind the shoulder. I would not download the Swede.

Dual loading- work up a fast potent Partition load with an accuracy goal of 1 MOA, does not have to be half MOA. .7 to .9" at 100 would be ideal.

Check to see where the final POI is in relation to the A-Max loads but don't change sight settings. The A-Max will most likely shoot high due to its BC (unless harmonics say otherwise). It would be ideal if the Amax is set 3" high at 100 yards and the Partition shot say 2" high with some acceptable left right deviation.

Just keep in mind that the Partition will not be able to create a wider wound. You have pretty much hit your limit in killing potential with this cartridge- it is what it is. However, with the Partition, you can aim well forwards, break bone, destroy the automic plexus and drop the animal on the spot. Note that secondary wounding from bone fragments with this shot placement may increase the wound channel diameter. If you aim to the rear, results will be much the same as shown in your photos.

This shot placment / method with the Partition is a key point and is what I have tried to explain in the KB.

You have not hijacked this thread. You have instead enhanced it and taken it in a most useful direction, even if slightly different from the initial start point. In the Swede text I have tried to explain limits etc but through this forum and your example we can explore this much further. This information will be beneficial to the many other readers using the Swede and kin.

Do try dual loading with the 140gr Partition if you can, then break bone.


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