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Re: 7mm Practical (and magnums)

05 Feb 2016
@ 08:01 pm (GMT)

Sebastian Shand

i'll dig up the photos and upload them, they aren't very detailed as my mate wasn't sure what to take photos of.

I've hunted with the swede for 3years now and even tho i hate being under gunned when hunting i am in love with it but i know to learn its limitations and use it accordingly. i think i will start duel loading like you say nathan as one bullet will not do everything. whats the best way of going about duel loading? is poi a problem between the to bullets?
what are your suggestions for shot placement if using the amax in close? i have read thru all of your books and the knowledge base and from what i gathered was to tuck it in behind the shoulder and avoid main bones? correct me if I'm wrong?
this might be a bonkers idea but could it be possible to duel load with amax 140g and for bush hunting just down load it so impact speed mimics using it at extended ranges? and mark the cases with vivid?

on the changing calibers note i use my 7x57 or 375 H&H if i know I'm going to be strictly bush/close range hunting and the swede has become more of a target/project rifle i tinker with and hone my reloading skills with.

my apologies for hijacking the thread


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