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Best brasses for a 264 win mag? Factory R-P/WW or sized 7 rem mag norma?

19 Sep 2012
@ 06:14 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras

Hello folks!

I want to get as much as i can from my old model 70 winchester, chambered in 264 win mag.

Find brasses for that cartridge could be hard, but in Spain this is VERY hard. After looking arround, i have get Winchester and Remington brasses, with, of course, the propper head-stamp.

But i have some norma 7 mm rem mag brasses, and i can full lenght size them and get 264 norma brasses. I don´t care about head stamping, as the 264 is the only magnum belted cartridge in my safe.

I have noted that the chamber of this rifle is a little bit big, because the brasses are hard to full size. I have bought a hornady neck sizer, so i will fire one shoot (with the norma, RP or WW cases) and then look after a good load with the "expanded" case, neck-sizing it. I think this will give me more uniformity in speeds and probably more speed.

Am I going in the right way?

Just a last question... what speeds and groups can I spect from this 24" sporter barrel? I have bedded the action and floated the barrel, and i´m wissing to test new loads! Before that, it was hard to keep it shooting 1,5MOA or slightly better at 100 meters (110 yards)

The "expanding" shoots will be made with powerpoint and corelockt 140 grains bullets (to save money), but the final load will be with barnes TSX 130 and/or hornady SST 140.

All information are wellcome!!

Thanks a lot![b]


20 Sep 2012
@ 12:43 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Best brasses for a 264 win mag? Factory R-P/WW or sized 7 rem mag norma?
The American brass will be fine Alvaro, no need to fire form the Norma cases and use them. Winchester will be the toughest of the three brands if you are using stout loads.

Expect 3000fps from a 24" barrel, it may go faster but 3000fps will be the minimum unless there is something wrong with the entire platform, causing you to have to back off to say 2800fps to minimize harmonic vibrations. Accuracy should be in the region on a half inch (12.2mm) or less if the rifle is sound.

A loose chamber is fine too, just carry on neck sizing as you have described.


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