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Re: Load Development (help me please)

11 Dec 2015
@ 07:29 pm (GMT)

Ben Grady

Hi Guys

Just an update, if anyone was slightly interested in this thread.
25-06 Rem on a P17 (M17) Action.
My load development stopped as I had a elbow operation but now I a am ready to go. Just to re-cap. I had a new heavy Bradley Barrel fitted. Original groups were bad 11/2 -2+". I docked 15mm off the end of my barrel because Chris Murphy saw tooling marks right at the muzzle. Straight away groups dropped and the Federal 117gr factory ammo was 4 shots touching and fowl shot not far away. My home loads were about an inch group. There was also fouling along one of the grooves so I have hand lapped the throat in case there was a reaming burr. Velocities were high but no pressure signs showing at book max.
I have now added a suppressor as I have a 11 month pup T J, who goes hunting with me. He has started indicating which is neat. I don't want him to become gun shy. He doesn't flinch with my mates suppressed 30.06 going off. So a trip to the range to re-sight it in and tinker loads is called for.


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