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So where are the 270 projectiles ???

06 Nov 2015
@ 01:35 am (GMT)

Chris Bayley

With respect to the Hornady ELD thread and my previous observation that Hornady don't do the much vaunted A-MAX in 270 I am left wondering why ?
Is the 270 a bit of an "L&P" calibre ? ie. world famous in New Zealand only ?
I accept that 30cal and 7mm would be the most popular here but I thought 270 would edge out 6.5mm but perhaps sales lag those of the 6.5 internationally ??

So then: best long range performer for 270 ? (I'm currently loading SSTs)



06 Nov 2015
@ 04:59 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: So where are the 270 projectiles ???
the calibre (the ONLY TRUE 7mm) is so good it doesnt need any Pansie AMax's
to do the bizo...lmao
personally I dont shoot long range..300 is a long shot for me, the .270 has not left me wanting yet. the one deer we have shot with 150grn partition( at 250ish)really impressed me with its performance and if Nathan says they are good thats plenty good enough for me.
nosler ballistic tips have been my load for last year or two and just bought box speer 130s so far like what I seeing.
I havent been converted to 150s YET but only time will tell.
06 Nov 2015
@ 06:28 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: So where are the 270 projectiles ???
i hear you chris.
i really wish they would just expand there range. surely with the 6.8 spc 270 win and 270 wsm there is enough market for it let alone all the other 270 wildcats.

another company that would be nice if they expanded there range would be lee. they make complete dies in a lot of caliber (f/l , collet, seater, crimp) but don't seem to want to combine them in the ultimate die sets.
07 Nov 2015
@ 07:32 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: So where are the 270 projectiles ???
True. There is certainly a massive market for this.
07 Nov 2015
@ 11:04 pm (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: So where are the 270 projectiles ???
Well you can always make your own? Get the right grade copper rod. Find a CNC automated lathe manufacturer. get the dimensions required written as a cut file and it is possible to make them. The dimensions will have to be spot on. with the accuracy of modern milling machines and the All Blacks " Impossible is nothing" attitude a group of us could possibly get some good projectiles ? But a little voice is saying that there's probably a law that says you're not a loud to make projectiles?
08 Nov 2015
@ 04:13 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: So where are the 270 projectiles ???
just thought i would share some threads about resizing projectiles, might be of interested to someone
11 Nov 2015
@ 05:58 am (GMT)

john mitchell

Re: So where are the 270 projectiles ???
12 Nov 2015
@ 10:52 pm (GMT)

Richard Hurst

Re: So where are the 270 projectiles ???
Hi Chris
My own suspicions are that the main reason we don't see better long range pills in .277 and also .257 is because of the slow twist rates prevalent in these calibers. high B.C. bullets are by nature very long and don't stabilize well in 1 in 10 or slower twists.


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