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Re: Hornady new "big thing" announcement...

30 Oct 2015
@ 03:48 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Nate, Nath or Nathan, its all the same. I post as Kiwi Nate when helping on Have posted bugger all these last couple of years but still get PM's regarding the 80 page 7mm-300 thread.

I agree with what you are saying. Mike Neeson on the other thread has just learned a new saying regarding current marketing.

The 175gr bullet will hopefully go well at around 3150fps in the 7mm Practical. The 9 twist will be ideal at these speeds without ripping things up. The BC of .660 should see it beat the wind quite well and hold velocity so that it hits hard. Should (that word which means I really have no proof of this) have no probs at all creating disproportionate to caliber wounds out to 1100 yards or so with body weight versatility. Time will tell anyway.

I still think that the bullet companies need to focus on the less common combos. There are a pile of guys who would love more options for the 8mm, .358 and 9.3. But then the bullet companies will tell you that the demand is low. At the same time however- they don't put the effort into marketing and save it for other areas. Makes no sense to me.

I have spoken of the 150gr SST in .303 caliber. I found some of these never even had a box, just a snap log bag?


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