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Re: Where to next ??

25 Oct 2015
@ 08:24 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hmm, a tough call because soft loads won't allow you to really practice with the rifle as would be in the field when hunting with full power loads. This could in turn lead to misses or wounds. But the soft loads will allow you to get used to the rifle.

This final animal of a book should help you with recoil issues. I would rather you read this bore making any rifle alterations.

If only the barrels were just a touch thicker, it would make fitting an M14 thread viable and make for a much different rifle with or without a suppressor.

There are a great many rifles that do not allow you to see the bullet strike, regardless of rifle design. Sometimes the very terrain you are on will cause difficulty. This is where working in pairs can be very useful.


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