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Re: Where to next ??

14 Oct 2015
@ 07:44 am (GMT)

Chris Bayley

well call me a wooster burger if you like but I would put another suppressor on new rifle straight away.
100+ rounds of std .270 on paper would have me plurry near black and blue and flinching like a gibbering idiot ......
nip that flinch in the bud BEFORE it gets ingrained.
if you want to reduce recoil but keep hot load that will do the bizo look hard at the likes of a 110grn TSX or even a 130grn
the difference in recoil IS alot.

Yeah, I like suppressors and had the 308 threaded and fitted before I'd even fired a shot, but some of the advice in Nathan's books has given me pause for thought:
* When I got the 308 back from the shop I was quite disturbed at how skinny the 1/2" thread looked at the muzzle and combined with Nathans comments about caution here with regard to bulging muzzles due to skinny threads has made me hesitate.
* I was never satisfied with the 308's performance so I really want get a baseline with the T3 before I go changing stuff.
* Given I gave myself little chance to learn what the baseline 308 recoil should be like I didn't want to repeat the same mistake(?)
* I trimmed the barrel of the 308 to preserve the overall length but I on this occasion I will not be buying a magnum to trim it so any suppressor will be fitted at full length.

I will probably at some stage after I have a good baseline for both performance and felt recoil thread the full length barrel with the largest diameter thread it will take and then dial in a magnum suppressor.

So long as I have a high performance load dialed in for hunting I feel like a managed recoil load would be a good option for extended range days and barrel life.



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