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100 Shiny Pieces

25 Jun 2015
@ 02:43 pm (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

Until now my reloading has been done with an assortment of previously fired brass. I have reloaded Winchester, RP, and Hornady. To my surprise and delight, I received a box in the mail from my brother (who I did not treat well enough growing up to deserve this) containing a box of 178 gr. Amax bullets, a hat and some 185 gr. Berger hybrids he picked up touring the Berger plant, a powder trickler that he designed and milled out himself, and last but not least, a 100 piece box of Lapua .30-06 brass.

My question is about the brass. You reloading veterans out there, would you work through the whole batch until they're all once fired before reloading those cases or would you use a portion of them until they're done before using the rest? And do I need to do anything differently for that first loading/firing to properly "break in" the brass?

Is this all covered in Nathan's reloading book? I need to get that book....


25 Jun 2015
@ 06:49 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 100 Shiny Pieces
hi joshua.

that's very kind of your brother. if he wants to adopt another brother from a different mother ill accept similar package's in 308 win or 270 win ha ha

its all covered in Nathan's book, its really worth having on hand to answer any question you have.

if your after extreme accuracy you might need to weigh your brass and sort it by weight all this is in the book along with fire forming and primer and flash hole uniforming.
26 Jun 2015
@ 07:27 am (GMT)


Re: 100 Shiny Pieces
It's really up to you. Depends how much you shoot. If it was me Id maybe fire form 50. Then split into two batches of 25 so you can shoot 1 batch and load the other therefore there is no pressure to get rounds made.


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