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Re: Vertical/horizontal group spread

07 Jun 2012
@ 06:29 am (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras

Hello Nathan;

Thank you very much for the input! Yes, that´s right, i have plenty of work!

I have no luck with roe deers. Just see a red fox very early, and we decided not to shoot, because we don´t want to make noise. We where all morning trying to locate deers but there was no chance! When we´re walking back to the car, found a group of magpies. I decided to try the load and i get one at 128 meters, so the rifle Work, at least, when i do my part! ;)

Hope I can help to the wounding data base soon!

Talking about you “work list”, I can make this comments…

I will bed the rifle. I like to bed and free float my rifles. In fact, I am thinking in open a new thread, to get your opinión when bedding a Wood stock with crossbolt (as some mausers 98). The CZ stock fit is good, and the stress caused by the small 222rem. is small, but i hope this will improve accuracy. Of course, it will give more consistency when the weather changes (humidity, rain, etc)

I will try to analyze bore, muzzle rifling etc… but i´m not sure i will be capable to see if it´s OK or not. There must be a big problem or i will not see nothing.

I will check the locking lugs… Will lap its if just one contacts, or if there are few contacta rea (even if both contact). I think that lapping the bolt face will be another good idea, even if i will try different seating depths later, so i will find the “new” sweet depth.

That´s all abput the rifle. With the handloads, i will try different seating depths, refine poder loads and will get a few more neck tension. I was surprised when you tell that, because when i do this loads i thinkk myself that the bullets get too easy in the brass.

I allways take much care with case mouth preparation. I chambfer and deburr, first clockwise (cutting) and thes counter-clockwise (this action “seats” Sharp edges). After this, I poolish de mouth with a Lee case turning and steelwool. I think this will be enough to prevent Cooper shaving.

The trigger is more or less as you described, and I will try to do my best at the range!

Thank you very much, I will keep posted my results, so maybe someone will find it useful.


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