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hand priming resistance

01 May 2015
@ 02:55 am (GMT)

Ben Law

i'm just making up my next batch of test loads for the 338wm.

i have come across some cases where the primers went in easier then the rest, the primers are not loose, they just seated very easily, using the lee auto prime tool. i have put these cases aside for now.

at what point are primer pockets considered to be too loose.

cases are winchester and most have been fired 4 times, prehaps these were from the hotter loads from my last range day.


01 May 2015
@ 05:34 am (GMT)


Re: hand priming resistance
If they push in with light finger pressure I think I need new cases. I know one guy that super-glued his in. I'm not sure that is a good practice because it may not seal good enough and you might get 60,000psi coming back at you.
01 May 2015
@ 08:54 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: hand priming resistance
Hi Ben, if the primers are too loose, they may leak gas back. A few problems can occur as a result such as danger to the shooter from back blast- but more commonly the problem is erosion of the bolt face and also gunking of the firing pin with a resulting loss in ignition consistency.

Prime the loose case, then hold it at 45 degrees and tap it hard on your reloading bench. In other words, tap the case hard without hitting the primer. If the primer backs out, the case is stuffed.


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