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Re: 338wm load development

29 Apr 2015
@ 04:30 am (GMT)

Buck Slammer

Hi Martin, it wasn't my intention to offend anyone. So, I am sorry. You are quite right and I will withdraw from any argument with you or anyone else. Are you Australian? Do you hunt Sambar? I do, and I was applying my knowledge of the animal and the terrain familiar to the majority of Sambar being pursued by hunters. Because a shot on Sambar infrequently results in that grand creature dropping on the spot. And in that terrain if they even run a short distance they are obscured by heavy vegetation. Factor in the time to walk 800 yards and getting to the exact spot where the animal was hit can itself be difficult without a mate staying where the shot was taken from to direct you to the location.

I am on this post because I use 338's a lot, and I see lots of 338's used. I hunt Sambar a lot, and I have opinions and bias like anyone - so that is why I might have typed so freely in my last post. I am a professional guide in Australia and Canada. I seen my share of wounded and lost animals at all ranges but I know that the greater the distance the greater the risk. I have hunted across the globe for the past 24 years. I am also bow hunter, so my thoughts of hunting and shooting are different from what yours might be. So these factor into some of my responses. Again, I apologise - most of all to Ben, since this is his thread and we're along by invite only.

Cheers, Buck.


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