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idiots with guns

05 Apr 2015
@ 09:58 pm (GMT)

Michael Woodhead

I took my T3 in 7mm Rm out for her first hunt yesterday.i could not beleave my luck...1doe @237yrds i couldnt be happier just as she it the ground a buck leaped out of the bush further looked up straight at me..1 shot @301 yrds right in his throat ....a nice 12 point head to take for the scariest event one could have in the bush.......i was walking along thinking to myself...ive got camo gear on and carrying a head with antlers on my pack..if somone comes up behind me i potentialy could get that very second...boom...a very loud gun shot...i froze waiting to feel the pain of being shot...when i relised it was the sheep 30yrds in front of me on the track that got shot..needless to say some very loud expletives was directed down the track then up pops 3 idiots armed with a 7-08....270 and a 223..
i tore strips of them for a good 15 mins about safety and the privalige of using carefull out there guys n gals
rant over


06 Apr 2015
@ 03:57 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: idiots with guns
That's the way Michael, make it known.

11 Apr 2015
@ 05:08 pm (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

Re: idiots with guns
Michael, you are 100% correct. If you didn't do it.. someone down the road might be mourning the loss of a loved one because of these idiots.

I grew up in a hunting family and was allowed to use a gun at an early age with family. The hunting was a family affair whether it was birds, bunnies or bucks. I can remember an aunt or an uncle lecturing someone on "where's that barrel pointed now? or do you know where everyone is at this moment?". I do it to my kids when they hunt with me to this day. I hunt a lot of varmints at night. I have invited people out to hunt with me, some have never been asked twice and I tell them why. There is no second chance and we must police our own.

12 Apr 2015
@ 06:48 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: idiots with guns

a very lucky man after being mistaken for a deer when spotlighting not sure much more details then except it was a 270. people got to start thinking its a person til proved otherwise
13 Apr 2015
@ 12:45 am (GMT)

Michael Woodhead

Re: idiots with guns
The guy is showing the entry wound of a .270.
He was with several mates and was going to retreive a deer that had just been shot ,when his mate shot him mistaking him for deer.

Identify target beyond ALL doubt


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