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Fireforming loads with pistol powders?

30 Mar 2015
@ 09:16 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Hi all;

I´m thinking about the best way to fireform my cases.

Trail boss seem a good option, but this powder is not stocked here. I´m nearly sure that VihtaVuori Tin Star (designed for cowboy action shooting) will do the trick, but again, this is not available here, and when I can get some VV powder (big risk as it´s not legalized here), I selected standard powder (N165, N160,...).

So, i have three options (maybe more, but i have not noticed yet)

1) Use a "normal" load. Try to get a decent load with standard powder and use it to training or short ranges. OK, but I hunt far less than I want, so I like to go out with the best ammo.

2) Use a small load with fast burning rifle powder. For example, something like H4350 or even varget to fireform a 300WinMag. This will take less powder and probably generate less barrel/trhoat wear. But definetly not the appropiate powder for the cartridge. This loads will be used for training, not chance to hunt with.

3) (and the main question in this post) Reloding a cheap (or even cast) bullet with a small amount of pistol/shotgun powder. There are many reduced loads listed in he manuals, some of them worked to get subsonic loads. This seem to be a good idea, but i´m not sure if the pression genreated (i suppose it to be a high, short spike) will be enought to properly fireform the case. I have read abou some people loading pistol powder, without bullet, pointing the rifle up and shooting the empty case, fireforming it in that way. Any help appreciated.



30 Mar 2015
@ 09:24 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Fireforming loads with pistol powders?
Cannot recall your caliber however I have used bluedot 4 to 5 grains in a new unfired but primed .308 Winchester case then fill the rest of the case with cornmeal but do not tamp it at all. Place a small wad of kleenex in the mouth to prevent spillage...again no tamping.

Shoot them and your case will be fire formed. Sub using Titegroup powder if you want to but not sure about the load, so start with above and add more until the brass appears like it has been formed enough.

This tends
31 Mar 2015
@ 01:04 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Re: Fireforming loads with pistol powders?
Thank you Bryan!

First, when i wrote "the pression" i mean "the pressure", misspelling from Spanish, sorry.

I want to fireform different cartridges, 222, 243, 308, 3006, 7RM, 264WM,... 300WM will be the biggest, as I don´t use the 375H&H for long ranges or precission shooting

I have at hand BA10 and BA9. The first one is quite fast, I use it to reload 25ACP. I shoot 25ACP very ocasionally, so wil be great to use that powder (i have one pound of it, will last me a life reloading for the 25). It´s closer to Hodgon HP38 and a tad faster than Bullseye.

The other, BA9, was designed for the 9Luger. It´s like Hodgon HS-6 or Alliant Power Pistol.



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