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Help me choose my first Long Range Rifle.

17 May 2012
@ 06:56 pm (GMT)

Ian Dingo

Hey everyone,

Firstly let me say how much I am enjoying this site, the wealth of information is wonderful so well done to Nathan and the other contributors.

Now to the heart of the matter.

My days of “up-hilling and down dale-ing” are coming to a close and its time to settle down behind a Long Range Rifle to engage deer, goats etc at extended ranges.

This is not so much a sport with me, rather I want to remove as many feral pests as I can as humanly as possible. To that end I am enrolling in a long range shooting course to ensure that I have the skill level to dispatch the buggers.

Where I live and hunt (Blue Mountains NSW) shots on Deer and Goats in the 600 >1000+ yard region are on offer.

So I want a rifle/scope combination capable of delivering the necessary accuracy and killing force required.

My budget for the rifle has a upper limit of AU$2000.

Below are the rifles that are I am considering and I would be pleased to hear any ideas / comments / suggestions you feel like sharing.

The calibre I have chosen is 300 Win Mag.

Rifle choices in my order of preference.

1/ Savage Long Range III ( this seems to have what's required in one package and is the less expensive , so more to spend on a scope))

2/ Remington Long Range

3/ Remington Sondero

Is there any reason not to go with the Savage or are there better options I should consider.

I have also posted a similar question with regard to Scope choice in the “Optics Section”

Cheers, Ian


17 May 2012
@ 10:00 pm (GMT)


Re: Help me choose my first Long Range Rifle.
Option 3. End of story. Close book.
It's also a great platform to build off at a later date.
18 May 2012
@ 03:47 am (GMT)


Re: Help me choose my first Long Range Rifle.
Yes the Sendero is the way to go, you will not be disappointed! Great caliber choice too!
20 May 2012
@ 08:38 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Help me choose my first Long Range Rifle.
Hi Ian, to be honest, the Sendero is the easiest option. I have yet to have an inaccurate one through here and I trick them upon a month to month basis (see bedding tutorial vids). The one draw back however, is that the modern Sendero's (all modern M700's) really need to have the trigger binned, replaced with a Timney or jewel trigger.

Besides ease of accurizing and future custom shop work, magazine length is a big factor to me. The M700 magazines are far longer than the Savage, an optimum choice if you one day get the urge to do build something like the 7mm Practical or .300 Weathgerby/RUM etc.

When you get a chance, could you please go to the reloadersnz youtube channel and have a look at my seminar. The sound is low due to the limits of my voice range versus a camcorder so you will probably need ear phones or external speakers.But if you get the chance, it may help you pull a few more ideas.


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.