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Re: In praise of the .22

07 Feb 2015
@ 03:52 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Josh, sorry I have been behind and missed this thread.

I totally agree, a great way to practice.

One of the more typical accurate rifles in NZ has been the Anschutz (typical example being the 1451. But in NZ, high magazine capacity is utilized for possum work (fur trade) so the 10/22 and tricked up versions thereof are very popular. But we have a lot of brands here. The CZ / Brno rifles are loved for their accuracy and also having a similar feel to a centerfire which can be ideal for offhand practice. JW 15 knock offs are also very common. We get quite a few guys try their first bedding jobs on the cheaper 22's.

Steph and I shoot a tricked up 10/22 (see rifle accuracy section of KB) while Riley is shooting a Toz 17 I tricked up for her a while back- cheap enough that it was no loss cutting down the stock. This will be passed on when she is too big for it. Riley is already shooting long (a bit past 100 yards with subs) and was wanting a dial capable scope for xmas but I don't want her to get right into the long range stuff just yet. I don't think that's the best way to start. Still, longer range shooting is great for encouraging enthusiasm towards math (even the basic trajectory stuff is great for math and physics). So I have a boot in each camp at the moment. Riley gets to learn imperial math by shooting long- they don't teach imperial at NZ schools anymore- well not as far as I know anyway. So we may end up with a cheap dial scope yet.

Good thread Josh.


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