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30/06 projectiles

21 Nov 2014
@ 04:31 am (GMT)

Ben Law

looking for a projectile to load up in a 30/06, marlin xl7.

intended use will vary from target practice to possibly sambar deer at around 200-600 yards.

180sst & 168, 178, 208 amax.


23 Nov 2014
@ 11:39 pm (GMT)

chris murphy

Re: 30/06 projectiles
hi Ben the 208 amax would go good depending on mag length and how it shoots. I'm a 7mm man but just going off what I've picked up reading this whole forum and Nathans books thats were i would start.
24 Nov 2014
@ 02:47 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: 30/06 projectiles
Hi Ben, mine is not fussy with any 155-180 grain pill l have tried so the Amax or SST would work well from your list. Depending on what stocks you can find but l would run with the 178 & have a play around with the 208.

I have done minimal load work with the 208 in the Marlin & ended up getting them inside moa but stopped to focus on my 300wm.

It's favourite powder seem's to be 2209 & l found no issues with mag length. I just worked the trigger, bedded it into a Boyd's and keep its barrel cool, sub moa without fuss!

How did your Tikka end up Ben?[b]
25 Nov 2014
@ 04:58 am (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: 30/06 projectiles
i think ill give the 208 amax a go.

Marty, Haven't made any progress with the tikka.
Waited 3 months for my projectiles to come in. Ill get into it again over the next week or 2.
Turns out my lee collet die needs to be returned, so ill have to wait for the replacement.
04 Dec 2014
@ 12:50 am (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: 30/06 projectiles
ive got hold of some 208gr amax.

marty, what COAL did you load them to?
04 Dec 2014
@ 05:29 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: 30/06 projectiles
Hi Ben,
l didn't list the coal of that loads in my notes, I think 1mm under mag max because l would have wanted to feed through the Mag, around 84.7mm but you will need to check yours, they seat in deep if you want to feed them from the mag.
Or you could do the normal checks and single feed them at 30 thou off.
I use a home made oal gauge with foster inserts to measure the ogives length of the lands which is why l don't have a measurement for you.
17 Aug 2018
@ 11:52 pm (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: 30/06 projectiles
following up another old thread...

i had a play with the 208 amax a while back. the mag lenght in my marlin xl7 is 85.9 so i set coal to 84.9, max coal is 86mm, powder 2209.

they shot ok, around an inch at 2200-2350fps.
from 2350-2550fps, very poor, around 2-2.5".

decided to try something different and loaded up some 168 zmax and 180 sst.
wind was blowing 30-40kmh, so i didnt expect too much.
surprise was the 58.5gr zmax load, av 2849fps, es 18fps.

also i seem to remember not using a sling when the rifle was shooting "ok" with the low velocity 208gr loads. i am using the original plastic stock, it is bedded and stabilized with matchgrade compounds, but im wondering if its still flexing enough to uspet harmonics. so this time, i shot without the sling.

i am starting to dislike the stock a bit, i think a boyds would be a huge upgrade. if you read this Martin, what was is you disliked so much about the factory stock?

18 Aug 2018
@ 01:43 am (GMT)

Joshua Mayfield

Re: 30/06 projectiles
Hello Ben, I've spent some time the last couple years working with the 168 gr. Amax, 178 gr. Amax, and most recently I've started testing the 195 gr. TMK. I should get some initial shots in with the 208 gr. Amax on my next range session. My rifle is a Thompson Center Venture. I also used the Matchgrade stock stabilizer and bedding compound as you described with your Marlin. So far, my single best group came with the 168 gr. Amax running just over 2800 fps. I was using 55.0 grains of H414 at the time. I've also had very good results with the 178 gr. Amax. The plethora of 30 cal options is wonderful and daunting at the same time, but it's a comfort to have a couple that you know will shoot. I hope you're able to find that optimal combination. If I find a good one I'll share. Stay safe.
18 Aug 2018
@ 08:32 am (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: 30/06 projectiles
Hated everything about the factory stock mate! Shape, forend grip etc. Did all the mods including straightening the comb a little. It never shot all that well (moa) & was difficult to control.

Have been stalking using my sons 06 Howa in a Boyds classic with the 165 Interbond & 168 Z-max combo over 2209. With care, covers all deer body weights/ranges (not LR) switching between this pairing and the bonus is they shoot same PIO/trajectory with Identical charges etc.

Hope to do the same with the ELD-X/M in 178 when available.
18 Aug 2018
@ 09:41 am (GMT)

Ben Law

Re: 30/06 projectiles
Thanks Josh, I find it hard not to like the 30cal's.

Thanks for your comments Martin. I thought the Marlin stock was ok in the beginning but now i'm not a fan.


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